From Subtitles add-on to subtitles service. The no-trouble How-to.

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nickr Offline
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Please identify where in that log you search for a subtitle?

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korgis Offline
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Installed the service OpenSubtitle and adjustment were inserted data for logging their website.After starts of the film click on the button (small screen) and then click on the "subtitles" After that appears Opensubtitle service and the message "Searching subtitle ..." and so is until tomorrow Smile

P. S. Yesterday happened to me a coincidence that the first "Search" found the subtitles (english) because I configured the settings.Now then tried with subtitles by Serbs, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the result was "Searchin subtitle ......" Repeat the back to adjust subtitles "English" and again the same result "Searchin subtitle ......" Sad
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tnuc Offline
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And a Debug Log with all that is where?
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