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sebf Offline
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You'll find the polish translation files at:

have fun
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When the next version is released, could it be a little less verbose in logging at the NOTICE level? I understand the need for detailed logging for debugging, but I think most of it could probably be done at DEBUG level. With all the stuff at NOTICE, the log on my production machine is pretty much nothing but log information from this addon.
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Geowuff Offline
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Thanks for creating this plugin Smile I was very disappointed to the commercial providers as they doesn't seem to work on my raspbmc with my city.

But please keep an eye on the terms of service you use:
OWM is limited to a certain number of calls:
OSM TMS has also very detailed instructions on how to use the tiles

Anyway, thanks for your work Smile
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Bitboy Offline
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New version uploaded. See first post.
Again, its nessesary to patch skin files and only those for Gotham Beta 2 are included.

@sebf: Thx for your translation. Its included

@pkscuot: I thought i would recieve much more bug reports so decided to log everything as long its in Alpha state. In the new release Log Level is set to debug.

@Geowuff: Yes free usage of OWM is limited but i don't think this this addon will ever reach this limit because i don't want to put it in the official repro as long as manually skin patching is required.
Thx for the information to OSM, i'll take a closer look at it. But i don't think the addon will produce high loads on their server. As an absolut maximum of downloaded data i calculated:
number of locations * number of zoomlevels * tile size
so 3 * 12 * ~100kb (most tiles are smaller) = 3600 kb = 3,5 MB
Note that those tiles are only downloaded once and nerver again.
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