GUIDE: Complete Setup Guide for TVHeadEnd, HDHomeRun, and N.A. Program Listings

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(2014-06-14 21:51)mr_raider Wrote:  
(2014-06-14 02:30)robo989 Wrote:  
(2014-06-13 14:10)mr_raider Wrote:  Thanks for the guide. I am 90% up and running under 14.04. My question as follows:

In the DVB adapter settings, I have both cards of the homerun showing, xxxxxx-0 and xxxxxx-1. I did the setup for services on channels for 0. DO I need to do it again for 1?

Not needed, provided it's enabled in the tree will be used automatically.

In other words, once the channels are named and mapped to EPG for one tuner, the program will dynamically choose between the two tuners at recording time?

Correct, certainly for builds.
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(2014-06-15 14:09)robo989 Wrote:  Correct, certainly for builds.

Actually I'm using 3.4 from the stable repo. There seems to be no buidls for trusty in the beta repo.
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(2014-01-07 07:20)advocate99 Wrote:  TVHeadEnd Configuration Instructions

until someone tells me how to re-compile the Linux Kernel with the DVB Headers. You'll have to use 10.04.4.

Her is how I made it work on Ubuntu 14.04:

#as root
   apt-get install git
   cd /usr/src/
   git clone
   apt-get install dpkg-dev cmake dkms
   apt-get install hdhomerun-config libhdhomerun-dev debhelper
   cd dvbhdhomerun && dpkg-buildpackage -b
   cd ..
   dpkg -i dvbhdhomerun-dkms_0.0.16+nmu3_all.deb
   dpkg -i dvbhdhomerun-utils_0.0.16+nmu3_amd64.deb

The trick is finding Jeffrey Clark's git repro where he did all the hard work of making a working package - it has been working like a charm with tv-headend here for a month now without a single glitch.
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I keep getting truncated recordings. Is there a log I can view somewhere to see what happened?
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