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I believe the issue is that the video db is storing the ratings as 'Rated **' in the columns C12 for movies & C13 for tvshows.

The IncludesVariables.xml will show the UK Flags if the ratings are stored as 'UK:**'

You can either modify the IncludesVariables.xml or update your library using something like:
UPDATE movies SET C12 = replace(C12, 'Rated ', 'UK:' ) WHERE c12 LIKE 'Rated%';
UPDATE tvshow SET C13 = replace(C13, 'Rated ', 'UK:' ) WHERE c13 LIKE 'Rated%';
make sure you backup your DB first!

Alternatively you can use m4x1m's script to update the ratings. See this post for more info
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Here is my slight modification of Samu-rai and devilshura's artwork so that only the Movie Sets show cases.

Easier for me to spot if they have multiple movies inside.

[Image: Untitled-1_zps686eeb77.png]

[Image: Untitled-2_zpsf8ef5454.png]

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