Video tearing on Nightly/Maverick

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Thanks for the configuration efty.edge.

I tested them out yesterday and they worked initially. I tested to start/stop a couple of movies various codecs and then watched a couple of tv shows. It started out flawless without any jitter or tearing and worked for almost an hour which is much better than before. After around one hour of playtime I started to see barely noticeable tearing, it got gradually worse and after two hours it was just as bad as with the previous settings.

I was running Helix 14.0 alpha 3 and took the sounds through HDMI to the receiver, I'm going to test using the latest nightly build instead and take the sounds via optical cable and see if there's any improvement. So far it works all right after 5 minutes, but I guess I'll notice if it works for sure after a couple of hours or days.

Edit: Did not work with optical and latest nightly build either. Went back after leaving XBMC idle for 20 minutes and the tearing was present when I started a video.
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