Asus Chromebox announcement

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(2014-09-16 07:01)Matt Devo Wrote:  firmware version? OE version? wired or wireless?

How do I see the FW version on the Asus? I installed it via your script on Sep 9th.

OE is 4.1.6 Generic x86_64

Wired network used, wireless disabled. Added "Wait for network before starting XBMC", if disabled, "Update library" would hang.
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I think I may have bricked mine.

I had OpenElec problems. I just realized that it would be better served as a internet browser for my mom. I tried to reset it; however, I have downloaded (several times) the recovery image from Google. I insert that USB into it, and it isn't recognized. For kicks, I put the ChromiumOS stick in there, and I get the "device does not contain ChromeOS" message. I cannot seem to get back to developer mode, any type of a command prompt, just the "ChromeOS is missing" or "device does not..." Please help: I have very little hair left to pull out.
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Did you read the notes on the wiki regarding the recovery image, USB media, etc? You're device isn't bricked, it just doesn't like the USB stick you are using.

Questions about XBMC on an Asus/HP ChromeBox?

Check out the wiki and my EZ install script

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