Asus Chromebox announcement

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Quick update to my post #345:

YES, Schiit Gungnir (an external USB DAC) works perfectly with my ASUS Chromebox M004U running standalone OpenELEC. And sounds absolutely amazing!!!
(Hi-Res FLAC --> Chromebox --> USB --> Gungnir --> XLR --> Yamaha A-S2000 --> PS Audio xStream Statement --> KEF 205).

Just plug everything together and select the Schiit audio output in the settings.

@fedman41 #797: I used the 1/8" as main output for a while now (my old USB DAC broke). It's ok. But if you listen to your music (rather than just play your music), I recommend an external DAC. As the Gungnir works, I highly assume other Schiit products will work too! They start at $99:


(2014-04-30 01:49)deppdudepp Wrote:  Thanks for this great work! I got my Box running with dedicated OpenELEC on it. Just like post #200 resp. #205 I was not able to boot after the first installation. So I just did steps 1.3, 1.4, 1.7, and 2.2.1 again. (Without creating a new bootable install stick). And it works like a charm.

Now I have a question. Can an external DAC be used over USB? I am particularly interested in a Schiit Bitfrost or Gungnir ( ). Any experiences?

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