XBMC on A7 (5s and mini retina) does not use HW acceleration

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(2014-03-05 18:19)Xryptic Wrote:  
(2014-02-28 19:20)linusyang Wrote:  
(2014-02-25 15:46)CrashX Wrote:  Any more builds ?

Actually new build (with BT keyboard fix) has already been online for some days: https://github.com/linusyang/xbmc/releases I'm now just waiting for Gotham beta 1 for making a semi-stable build. Smile


I tested build 5. I was playing a WEB-DL TV show episode in 1080p, but the picture was all messed up. I tried some other movie files and they seem fine. This is with Hardware acceleration on and using VTB. The screenshot of the video I see is in the url:


Noticed this as well, only on certain videos though.

Did anyone notice anything wrong in the log? I can provide more if necessary. Works fine on PC / 32 bit iDevices so definitely something to do with 64-bit Sad
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