XBMCee - Ultimate XBMC Controller for iPhone and iPad

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(2014-09-12 18:17)FreshLimeSoda Wrote:  @hsus
That is fantastic... Great work. Let me see if I can put this in some context in the app.
I do like to keep a warmer color on the logo as the red seems to be too bright

Also we leverage the logo background color as the primary color on the navigation background and now playing screen

Great stuff

Thanks! I agree looking at it on a screen it looks quite bright, try testing it on a device running ios7+ though, things have a tendency to fade away. Visit this link on a device and add to home screen to test the icon: https://www.flinto.com/strike/95f718bd27 (didn't have time to check this link, might have some border aberrations, don't mind them)

But that being said, if you have a specific colour or gradient that you think might fit better, I'd be happy to make new versions.
Also using a similar, less bright gradient in the app is a solution to that issue, I've been using a startup screen for one of my apps which is basically a toned down version of the logo and you don't really notice the difference (although the colours from the logo would be too bright if taking up all the screen)

(2014-09-14 17:12)meridius Wrote:  Like the one that is been used now to be honest. Also sick of icon apps using red to many icons using red, blue and green.

Like the one now.

No disrespect intended

No worries mate! I find the one used now to be a bit dull, didn't really catch your eye or make you want to tap it. I liked to iconography of it though. The reason I went with red is because that's what the original icon is, I'm open to other hues as well Smile
While I agree many icons are using the same colour sets (even though you leave out very few colours from your list), I don't think red is one of them - But orange, don't get me started on orange! Wink
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