Mac OS X - Can sharing libraries be done with shares rather then MySQL?

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So I have done tons of research and I have been failing to setup MySQL library sync on Mac osx mavericks.

MySQL is really new to me, so I may reach out for help setting it up soon.

More importantly though, is there not a simpler way to share files and libraries between multiple mac devices running xbmc?

For files I know it's a yes. I have added my media file section on my main xbmc device to be shared on my network, so the second xbmc device I can just add it as a video source and it works great!

So I was hoping I could also setup my xbmc files as a share point on the first device and redirect xbmc' files on the second device but I can't forget it out. I don't even know if it's possible.

Any suggestions? Undecided
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