[MAC OS X 10.7] Scanning for new content hangs

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Hi there,

I'm running XBMC 12.3 on a late 2011 Macbook Pro with OS X 10.7.5. Today I was trying to add some movies to my XBMC library and noticed that the scanning for new content dialog box did not seem to be doing anything. I can still navigate XBMC and watch movies etc already in my library, I actually watched an entire film and XBMC was still 'scanning for new content'. When I close XBMC using 'Command + Q' to quit, it causes XBMC to crash, requiring me to force quit the program. When I restarted XBMC I got a dialog box that said 'remote communication server error', XBMC then opened normally and closed normally, but if I try to scan content to my library it just keeps scanning for new content and requires force quit when I need to close XBMC.

My debug log is posted here:

Any help in this matter would be much appreciated

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