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Information  Download and Installation instructions
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Where to get reFocus
My goal is to synchronize reFocus releases with XBMC's final releases from now on, starting with XBMC 13 Gotham.

With every milestone XBMC release a compiled stable version of the skin will be made available. More info on how that will happen will be added here at a later time.

In between these releases you can go to my Github page to download a bleeding edge development version.

Installing reFocus
On the Github page you will see a "Download ZIP" button on the right side of the screen. After you have downloaded this ZIP file please refer to this guide for a guide on how install the skin.

This development version will always contain the newest features and changes but is also a bit more likely to have bugs. When using this version please report any bugs you encounter in the release thread so they can be fixed for the next stable release.

I have been seeing quite a few people around the forum having trouble downloading / installing other skins and add-ons lately. The zip files on Github are not created by the skin / add-on authors but are generated by Github's system. If installing of the skin fails, please try unpacking the zip file and copying the skin folder from the zip file to your xbmc/addons folder. You need to restart XBMC after that before you can use the skin.

The best way to get the latest updates is to use a Git client.
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