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Hello! First of all, I apologize because this post will be a bit long.
This post is relative to two addons. I don't know if it's the best solution but I think there is no better way to show the functioning of PDF Reader than an addon using it, in this case, HQ Online.

PDF Reader (English and Portuguese)

I decided to make an addon to read PDF because I've seen lots of people asking for this feature in XBMC (and also because I wanted to make a comic's addon). I know there are many people who are not in favor of being able to read PDFs on XBMC... but one more addon won't hurt anyone.
Finally, this addon will not read all PDFs because I do not have knowledge to do so. It will read only PDFs composed of images (eg scans, comics)

Some screenshots (In Portuguese):

[Image: 0.png]
Main menu

[Image: 1.png]

[Image: 2.png]
PDF with thumbnails given by the addon (Possible to change in the settings)

[Image: 3.png]
Reading PDF (with a bit of zoom, as you can see)

To zoom, simply use the keys 0 to 9, where 0 is no zoom and 9 the maximum zoom.

How to use PDF Reader on other addons?
To use PDF Reader, you need to do the following:

Add the following line to the xml of your addon (below the line of 'xbmc.python'):
<import addon="plugin.image.pdfreader" version="1.0.0"/>
Add the next code to your .py:
    addon_pdf = xbmc.translatePath('special://home/addons/plugin.image.pdfreader/resources/lib')
    from pdf import pdf
    pdf = pdf()
    dialog = xbmcgui.Dialog()
    dialog.ok("Erro!","PDF Reader not found.","Please install it")

#open_settings():               # Open addon settings
#pdf_read(name,url):          # Read and play pdf - url = url or filepath
#pdf_type(filepath):            # Returns the type of PDF
#pdf_name(filepath):          # Returns the name of PDF
#clean_temp():                  # Delete temporary files

#You must include 'pdf.' before functions you want to use. Example: pdf.pdf_read(name,url)

HQ Online (Portuguese)

Addon that allows the reading of comics from
This site has a not constant html code, so some errors may appear. If it happens, do not hesitate to say. I also want to say that some PDFs from this site are not available because they are changing their servers.


[Image: 0.png]
Main menu

[Image: 1.png]
Walking Dead HQ

I hope you like.
Repository HERE
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Wow, that's great man, thx for building it, I'm gonna try it now!

People have been waiting a long time for this, hope they didn't give up Smile

LoL Wink
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Just want to say a BIG thank you.

This one feature I miss the most in XBMC. I will check def. check it out.
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For some reason , I cannot browse the network , and my pdfs are on a NAS ... :/
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Brilliant work, works great.
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any plans to update this addon? like adding default folder etc
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