Intel NUC - HTPC (Bay Trail 2013 edition - DN2820FYKH)

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(Yesterday 01:55)kindrudekid Wrote:  
(2014-08-25 09:30)Stephen88 Wrote:  Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying this nuc, but I could not find information about whether it is capable of playing 1080p mkv encoded in H.265 or x265, can anyone help me?

plays just fine on VLC, and Windows, I think codec are missing for linux versions.

(2014-08-29 13:34)YaPaY Wrote:  I have looked but cant find the answer.
I own the N2820 Intel NUC and I want to buy a Xbox 360 black media remote. Only one thing is not clear for me. Can I turn on the NUC with this Remote or it works only when NUC already turned on?

You know the Xbox One Remote works fine too?, it works out of the box with OpenElec
can you send me some screen shots of media speed for a movie in 1080p x265?
p.s. yes I want use the nuc with Windows 8.1 but I am very undecided for buy the celeron or i3 haswell
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I have DN2820FYKH and 1080p mkv's (x264) works without ANY problem even from Network, too. (I haven't got x265 file)

I have a question about the Remote realated. I have a philips remote controller and I set up as Microsoft PC and works under XBMC and Windows 8.1 very well. Now I want to assign/configure some keys like update library etc. For realise this I need to see all codes of RC when If I press any. Is there any way to see codes under Windows?
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