Intel NUC - HTPC (Bay Trail 2013 edition - DN2820FYKH)

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(2014-09-12 16:53)suku_patel_22 Wrote:  I use the 038 bios but bios is not in full screen on my Samsung LCD TV.
Any ideas?

I see there is now a 039 bios

(2014-08-20 06:19)suku_patel_22 Wrote:  Just received my NUC yesterday, updated BIOS to v38 and completed the setup of XBMCBuntu to the SSD.

Coming from a pi this feels so much faster.

I am facing 2 issues
1. My 2TB powered external drive is not being mounted. It is formatted in ext4. Have installed gparted and will check again tonight. Any pointers would help.
2. The GUI is slightly zoomed out. I could fix it in XBMC by setting it to - 4%. How do it fix it for the desktop and the login screen?

Depends on your TV, because the Samsungs have screenfit, and other settings.
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To mount your drive you need to look at /etc/fstab

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(Yesterday 18:23)GomezAddams Wrote:  It's not the NUC. I have a 2820 with 2GB RAM and a 60GB SSD running XBMCBuntu, and everything is quite snappy. No lag at all - even with the heavy skins.

Thank you, it's great to have confirmation.

I ordered a Sandisk Extreme 32GB, then cancelled it when I read of the problems using it as a boot drive, then reordered it when I read that that only applied to sticks manufactured in 2013. I have no idea what I'm going to get now or whether it will work, but it will be useful to have anyway.
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