Intel NUC - HTPC (Bay Trail 2013 edition - DN2820FYKH)

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scarecrow420 Offline
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(2014-09-29 15:47)Fuddyduddy Wrote:  
(2014-09-29 14:46)scarecrow420 Wrote:  Bad news for ya - OpenElec IS a Linux distro!
Yes scarecrow, I'm aware that it can be called that. But as you appear not to have registered the OE people go to some lengths to differentiate it from an orthodox distro (if such a thing can be said to exist). You can't run anything on it except Kodi. That suits me just fine because I don't want to - but I DO wish to run Kodi.
Quote:If you had windows 8.1 on there already, why not just install XBMC on there?
Because there's no advantage to me in doing that over continuing to use Windows 8.1 the way I'm already using it (as described). The whole purpose of what I'm trying to do is to replace Windows with Kodi.

But thanks anyway.

I re-read your post again and you really didn't make that clear. You said you are currently using windows and DVBViewer etc. You didn't say you were running XBMC/Kodi on windows. You also said you would rather use a remote rather than your keyboard/mouse and use up a USB slot. You also mention you "Kodi would be a better choice". My confusion is that Kodi (aka XBMC) is software that runs on a number of OS including windows, and including Linux (of which OpenElec is a tailored linux distribution focusing on running XBMC). From your post it sounded like you aren't using Kodi and want to and aren't using a remote but want to... both of these things can be achieved on windows 8.1 most likely with the remote you currently have. Given that you also seemed to be running into issues getting things working in OpenElec I simply made the logical observation/suggestion of why not trying windows? You say it doesn't gain you anything, but I say it solves the 2 things you mentioned - getting your remote working, and running Kodi/XBMC. There is nothing to lose so you may as well give it a go...

Anyhow, if you are keen on getting OpenElec running I don't think you should shy away from trying to get lirc etc running, just because that post has a disclaimer about xbmcubuntu. OpenElec community is great and very helpful, im sure you would be able to find information/help on getting the remote stuff working with it. The post Ned linked, specifically for OpenElec seems to be a good start.

Also it's not really Intel's problem, reading that post it sounds like OpenElec has a non standard lirc setup and isn't seeing the remote actions. I suspect that on windows you probably WOULD see them being rtegistered, either just the default eHome transceiver MCE stuff, or otherwise something like EventGhost should register them

If it's all too difficult and you've spent too much time on it, as others say, get a new remote that is definitely compatible out of the box. You can get RC6/MCE remotes cheap
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nickr Online
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Have you looked at this post? I find it very helpful.

I think the key is having an RC6 remote.

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pr0xZen Offline
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If you want this working with the integrated IR receiver under Windows, you're going to have to use an official RC6 or (preferrably confirmed) RC6 compatible remote. There are still some cheap but rather decent RC6 remotes available, like Lenovo's.

More covered in PM.

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Is anyone having problems with OpenELEC 4.2 and their DN2820?
I've just updated to the 4.2 release, and now the box hard hangs after a period of time.
It doesn't do it whilst I'm playing media, only when the box is idle. If I leave it doing nothing for a couple of hours,
I come back to find it's hard hung.

I'm wondering if this is due to the new CPU power management driver change in 4.2
If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

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-DDD- Offline
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Post it in OpenElec Forums with Logs

| myHTPC |
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fritsch Offline
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Can you ssh in, when it hangs?

What are the temperatures?

What is the last thing you see in your debug log?

What does journalctl --no-pager | pastebinit tell?

Post all those relevant logs in the openelec forum.

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No help without a proper Debug Log
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