Virtual Keyboard Remote For XBMC

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vannyi Offline
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I am using the web based version of the XBMC Media Center remote control and it works fine.

There is only one area where I feel it is lacking and that is when typing. If I have to type something, I have to use the arrow keys and toggle amongst all the letters to select the ones that I need.

Is there any way to get a virtual keyboard with the web based version of the XBMC remote control? I do use the Yatse remote on my Android tablet but I don't always have access to the tablet.

Thank you
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Ned Scott Offline
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Go into XBMC -> Settings -> Services -> Webserver -> Web interface -> get more -> AWXi

AWXi will do this.

You can make easy links to the XBMC wiki using double brackets around words: [[debug log]] = debug log, [[Add-on:YouTube]] = Add-on:YouTube, [[Adding videos to the library]] = Adding videos to the library, [[userdata]] = userdata, etc
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