Xbmcbuntu 13 Testing Thread

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(2014-09-04 20:29)-DDD- Wrote:  
(2014-08-03 12:25)nssk Wrote:  The download link for the i386 build is broken Sad

Here is an Mirror http://mirror.transip.net/xbmc/releases/XBMCbuntu/

There is no 32bit available.

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http://mirror.transip.net/xbmc/releases/...4_i386.iso should be the same like RC1 32Bit from 1. Post here?!

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I have a problem reading the mp3 + cdg files does not show the letter to someone can help me, my version is Sad:(xbmcubuntu
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Yeah, stop whining and post your Debug Log

Audio Engine: SPDIF has only 2 pcm channels. DTS, AC3 are encoded via those 2 channels. It's obviously clear that you are not able to change Speaker Layout when running via SPDIF.
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No help without a proper Debug Log
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Soli Offline
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Just got back my old Mac mini 2006, and thought I might as well install XBMCbuntu on it. The CPU is upgraded from a CoreDuo 1,66Ghz to Core2Duo 2,33, and I have also put a small SSD inside. I didn't manage to install from a DVDR since the DVD Drive was defect, and I couldn't install from a usb stick either since the first Mac minis are limited to only EFI booting from USB. (It will only emulate a BIOS when booting from the internal Sata header). Since the EFI firmware is 32bit I couldn't boot XBMCbuntu with EFI either since booting a 64bit kernel requires a 64bit EFI firmware. Using EFI Mixed Mode isn't an option since this requires a kernel => 3.15

Fortunately the Mac mini, as all Macs, have a Target Disk Mode, which essentially turns the mac into an external firewire disk. I then used my Mac mini as a firewire disk, connected to another Mac and then I installed XBMCbuntu to my firewire disk (Mac mini) using Virtual Box is raw disk mode.
Almost surprisingly, that worked perfectly. XBMCbuntu works beautifully from the first boot. I wanted to use my Apple remote, so I removed Lirc and built Atvclient (a forked version that also supports the IR receiver in the Mac mini 2006). Works without any configuration.
Very surprisingly, the old Mac mini with the Intel GPU supports all the frame rates like 23,976 29,97 59,94 + the usual 24 25 30 50 60. I could install a Crystal HD card, but the support for this card was removed from Kodi so I rather not bother. Fortunately software decoding works without a hitch. Am I right to believe that the new multithreaded software decoding makes even the very first Mac mini 2006 Coreduo 1,66ghz suitable for 1080p playback? If anyone else has an old Mac mini laying around, then this actually makes for a very fine XBMC.
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kudos for the creativity getting it installed.
Multithreading for software decoding will indeed help a lot. Would be interesting what kind of cpu load get get with a 1080p bluray (rip)
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Soli Offline
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16:9 1080p doesn't even sweat it, although the fan will spin up a little. the CPU is typically around 100% (of 200%) with varying degrees of cpu use of the 2 cores, but mostly both cores together would total around 100%. Big Buck Bunny @ 1080p/60fps plays fine with literally a couple of dropped frames in a few of the scenes. It typically stays around 85/85 for the 2 cores, and goes up to the high 90s in the most difficult scenes.
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