Issue with Fanart and Posters for shared library

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I am using the latest release of openelec (3.2.4) and I have configured my xbmc instances to use a shared library on my NAS. Each movie folder, as well as TV Show, has local fanart, poster information etc.

I do not use path substitution in my configuration.

I am having problems with Fanart and posters. Although the DB is updated and each instance can see the new movies, it does not display the remote images for the movie - it appears it want's to pull down a local copy. Specifically I am not seeing the posters in the Recently Added widget.

Is there something I am doing wrong here, how can I make XBMC look in the local directory of the Movie/TV Show for the appropriate metadata?

XBMC on RPi, and Zotac box (Openelec flavor)
NAS4Free with 8TB of storage.
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