'DITisTV' violating XBMC's GPLv2. Refusing to share source

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I certainly didn't mean to misquote, I actually mean to ONLY leave in the line starting "Like I said....".

The @antoniong stayed in by mistake, but even so I don't think any reasonable reader would think I attributed Shenkie's statement to you. If they did then I apologise, withdraw and blame the wine.

(2014-08-12 11:06)Shenkie Wrote:  @ nickr;

I understand fully what GPL is and i never said that charging is a problem. Like a stated before, they are saying that THEY developed this NEW software which is not true and a kick in the nuts to the openelec , addons , skin developers.

I think that they don't want to share the source because it will spread quickly trough the net and ruin their only business model.


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Me Neither! Nothing but respect Smile
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I'm not a complete IT noob. the image provided by antoining isn't working for this new pi (4 usbports) Ethernet doesn't work. But I have openelec with XMBC running and am installing usefull addons (suggestions welcome)

update on my story:

Still no card... no response from Ditv.
preparing a mail and decided to send the whole thing back - get myself a raspberry and install the software myself.
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