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I tried posting this in the "off topic" forum but it wouldn't let me...and since the main reason I'm looking for this is because i'm using xbmc, and I've gotten a good track record of finding knowledgeable people here (and as opposed to registering in a different forum for things)..so here goes!

What I'm doing is controlling xbmc with yatse and I installed advanced launcher to launch VLC to view streams that XBMC can't handle. I'd like to keep the control of both XBMC and VLC on my android. I've been trying out a few VLC remotes on my nexus 5 and my favourite so far is "Remote for VLC" by Peter Baldwin. Well written and it works just like I want it to with two somewhat big caveats:

The first is...for anyone who's used this app, is how the hell do i close VLC? I've tried a lot of different apps and I don't seem to find this feature anywhere and it's not obvious from the web interface either..

The second is have any of you come across any apps that show the playlist as "stackable" rather than just in an outright list? The web interface shows it stackable (i.e. in their folders, then i can open that folder to see what's in that playlist) but all the apps I run into that actually show the playlist mash them all together..so that if you have the same base name for two files but in different folders, you can't tell them apart. It shows it like this: http://imgur.com/DK94Ebg And I can expand the "/r/hockey" folder into different folders

I know this seems kind of crazy, but I'm so close to controlling everything on this computer with just my android/nexus 5 that i figured i'd try out this place to see if anyone came across what i'm looking to do..thanks!
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