Linux - Asus/HP ChromeBox EZ Setup (OpenELEC or Ubuntu+XMBC) [v2.16 - 2014/07/29]

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One thing to keep an eye on is the amount of RAM. The HP being sold in the UK by John Lewis is listed as 4GB. The standard "basic" Asus sold in the US is 2GB.
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New issue I found... While at work I installed the HP Chromebox EZ setup per Matt's instructions, and everything thing works great. However, when I took it home last night to play with I could not connect to the internet when logged into Ubuntu (wired and wireless), but could with ChromeOS. Something I also noticed once I got it home is that once the Ubuntu desktop loads I get a message saying "system problem problem detected". Now that I am back at work it connects to the internet fine, just not at home, but I am still getting that error message, "system problem problem detected". It says connected but I cant get on the web or run any web based applications or XMBC add-ons.
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