Windows - NextPVR DVB-S/S2 Radio Channels Connection Lost

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I have been successfully using the NextPVR XBMC add-on for streaming SD and HD TV from the NextPVR backend (using a dual DVB-S/S2 satellite tuner card), but for some reason I can't get the radio channels working in any version of XBMC that I tried.

It successfully loads and lists all the radio channels, and even the EPG information for the radio channels in XBMC, but as soon as I try to play one, XBMC gets stuck in a loop trying to stream the channel, with a continuous "Working" dialog followed by a "Connection lost to PVR backend" message (until I press Stop on my remote).

When I go to the NextPVR client all the radio channels play without any problem.

How can I diagnose/debug the problem, i.e. what logs do I need to look at (as you can probably tell I'm an XBMC noob)? I'm even willing to get my hands dirty and to try and fix it if its not too hard...
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