Windows - 8.1 PS3 playTV drivers... Anyone?

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I'm trying to get a PS3 playTV unit to work on my windows 8.1 server. I can't seem to get drivers. I've searched high and low. The aim is to backend it and use XBMC as frontend Smile

Just thought maybe one of you guys might have done the same thing and might still have a copy of the drivers I could use?


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I have some which I made from the PCTV drivers. They're on Mega here:!r95XXDYB!YZjyIOM2exbczYFqt5jvkg

They should do the trick but are built for Windows 7 or below. There aren't any specific Win 8.1 drivers that I can find.

The trick is that you have to install them by rebooting the Win 8.1 machine to allow disabling of the driver signature enforcement. See here:
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