[Q]Record and watch another channel on IPTV

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I wonder if it is possible to record one channel and watch another channel on IPTV? I have one network adapter. And I use MediaPortal as backend and XBMC as frontend, al on the same machine. How should I configure my media portal backend to have the possibility of recording one channel and watching another. I know my internet bandwidth enables me to watch tv on two diferent computers at the same time. So in theory it should be posible to do this on the same pc as well, but the only difference is I want to have the option to recored something on one channel and swatch some other channell at the same time.

Any help and advice is apperciated.

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No idea. I would ask on the MediaPortal forum. I don't have IPTV working here.
For normal dvb adapters with a single tuner it is possible as long as both channels are on the same mux (frequency).
For IPTV I would expect that it is always possible but I can be wrong.

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