[WIP] BBC Live Football Scores service

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(2014-09-30 20:10)el_Paraguayo Wrote:  Short answer is, unfortunately, no.

The code uses a python module that I wrote to retrieve scores from the BBC website. While the site does include most European leagues, it doesn't include leagues from the rest of the world, including Latin America.

It would need a massive rewrite of the code to do this as I would need to parse different websites, each with their own formats. Sadly, I don't have the time to do it.

I see, well thanks anyways I installed the addon and will see how the notifications come in over the next few days when there's actually some matches going on. I see that there is the Argentina and Brazilian leagues as well as the MLS so that's a start. Hopefully the BBC website keeps adding more leagues.
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Well that's good news.

To the extent that the BBC adds new leagues, the addon should pick these up automatically (although it won't tell you that they're available without you updating the list of leagues which you're following).

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