Mac OS X - Yosemite

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Smile  Yosemite
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Normally, I don't bother about unreleased software but this is a positive so Nod Gave Gotham a go on 10.10 DP1 on a recent iMac with you tube and local library. All good!

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Nice! Maybe we'll finally have a smooth update with OS X (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc)

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My TV machine is a Mac Mini, that has been running 10.8.5. I installed 10.10 on an external disk just to play around with it, and installed XBMC 13.1 and to my surprise, it worked! I haven't stressed it beyond watching a few shows, and letting it do it's database scans, but no problems so far.
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It actually seems to work better on my 2010 Mac Mini on Yosemite than on Mavericks. I have been having image tearing problems and they're gone on Yosemite. Video is actually silky smooth...

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I installed Yosemite today, and XBMC 13.1 is working fine on it.

There's only one problem I noticed that is on Apple's side: my TV is connected to my iMac and is its second screen, through display port and an adapter to HDMI. The top OSX menu is always appearing on top of XBMC, too bad to watch movies like this... In Mavericks it took a while for them to fix the second monitor issues, now after upgrading to Yosemite this OSX menu started to be on top of XBMC.

Safari has a new design in Yosemite but is too slow, hope it gets better in future releases.

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