Work in Progress - 1080XF

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`Black Online
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(Today 01:02)Piers Wrote:  I've worked this into `Black's latest Gotham update (2.2), it's nearly finished but I just need to wait and see what else `Black changes in his final 2.2.x build before releasing the mod. Any further suggestions are still welcomed.

There won't be any 2.2.x, you're good to go. Next version will be v3 for Helix.

[Image: xp1080-21.png]
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(2014-07-23 00:56)Piers Wrote:  
(2014-07-20 20:33)TheLegendOfMart Wrote:  Sorry if its already been asked but how do I get subtitle search working?

If I go to skin settings and press choose subtitle addon nothing happens.

If I play a video and click subtitle download it opens a window for me to select which subtitle service but I cant select it with remote or mouse.

It should work, which subtitle addon provider are you using?, when I load a video then press subtitles a window pops over and my media centre remote wont let me select the service, I have to press back to get back to play the video.
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