Windows - [XBMCSubtitles]How to remove .en. from subtitle filename

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As far as I know xbmc supports both [video_filename].[ext] and [video_filename].[lang].[ext] formats. "Other players" supports only first format.
Why is it a problem that we are able to change between supported subtitle filename formats (on save)?

Can someone summarize what is the main problem? What is "the bug" exactly in other players?

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I think you should support because the previous version support it.
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There is no previous version, it has been moved to core.

What individual addon did before is not a guarantee that core will do... Fape did a PR and now it's up to us to accept it or not. No ammount of whining and posts here will change that.

Out if all the people that use the subtitle feature only handful of you us complaining, is that enough to justify adding more complexity to already complicated subtitles setup? Dunno , we will find out soon

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