XBMC Gotham Keeps Restarting

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ckappes36 Offline
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When I try to play movies my XBMC tries to open the stream and right before it plays the movie, it then restarts. I am trying to stream through my ATV2. Please help me if you know what can be done. Thank you.
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I think you really need to post a link to a Debug log. It's the only way anyone can see what is happening on your system.

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And if you're going to ask about 1channel, icefilms, or any of the other piracy addons you've been posting threads about, don't bother.
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ckappes36 Offline
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I am new to this and realized later I should not have asked about specifics. I spent more time on this last night and noticed I can play all my regular DVD movies fine. When I choose to play an HD movie, that is when XBMC restarts. How can I play HD movies through XBMC? Thank you for your help.
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deco Offline
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i must admit xbmc has become very unstable, often when i try to play a movie xbmc just restarts, and if i try again after the restart it plays fine - seen many posts suggesting different advanced settings, and some saying it's just the ATV2 that is not up to the job with HD movies because of low memory and so on, and memory problems could seem likely since it works with same movie right after clean restart

one thing i DO know xbmc USED to be rock solid even when playing HD movies

what to blame is another thing.. the version of ios the ATV is running? (5.3 now) OR the version of xbmc..

and this happens with vanilla xbmc - will try to get some debug logs when im bored, just giving my 2 cents on this matter.. it was not always like this Big Grin

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