How to upload movies to be accessed in 'Movies' section

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GabrielKnight Offline
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I've been trying for days to upload some movies that I can seamlessly access from the 'Movie' section in the 'Back Row' skin. Like this:

I've managed to work out how to upload a movie to the 'Video' section. Just drop it in the video folder in the multimedia folder and it appears. But there is no movie folder in the multimedia folder - just video, music or pictures.

When I go into the 'Movie' section in the 'Back Row' skin, there is just a big arrow pointing upwards on the left hand side and 2 periods on the right. If I click on the periods, there are folders that say 'Genres', 'Title', 'Year' etc but they are all empty. There is no 'add movies' option such as appears in the 'add videos' in the 'Video' section.

How do I get my movies into this area please?

I'm running XBMC on a Qnap TS-870 NAS which is linux based, and using Windows 8.1 as my connected PC.
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First of all:
One thread is sufficent, no need to post two times (

And you should read a little bit upon XBMC. In order to get movies into your library you need to scan the files for metadata.
You can check my guide out (in my signature), but it's not yet updated to Gotham. However, the basics should still be clear from it.
Or you can get the information from the wiki:

Need help? Check out my XBMC Frodo Guide. It contains full featured guides to Sickbeard and CouchPotato as well.

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Yes, apologies for the double post. I tried to delete one but it said I didn't have permission. I tried to report it to a mod for removal but the message said it should only be used to report spam etc

Thanks for the link. I'll read through it and get back.
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I'm afraid in 40 minutes I only got as far as the 'browse to where you keep your videos stored' part. There's about a dozen folders, including 'root folder', 'home folder' and others that don't seem to relate to any folders I can find on my NAS directory (eg.HDHomeRun), but I can't find a simple way to get to my multimedia folder and therefore video folder.

I expect this is stupidly obvious, but if someone can point me to the folders / subfolders I should select, I think I'd be really able to get on my way with this. Everything else within XBMC is working well for me.
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If your NAS is sharing over smb, then click on Windows SMB server. If it's not being shared such that it picks it up in this way, then you can "Add network share" and point to it in that way (by IP address or name).

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