Thumbs in file mode always generate alphabetically, regardless of view mode

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I have a problem with thumbs in file mode. The generating of thumbs which keeps happening on any folder i go to is happening alphabetically regardless of my "File View Sort Mode" So if i am viewing my movie collection based on Date. I can see the movie thumbs generating slowly from A to Z. Which leave a gap in my Thumbnail view till it has reached Z.

Normally if my view is sorted by date it would generate the thumbs by date so that I can view them almost immediately.

Is there an option maybe where i can revert back to generating thumbs based on view mode?
It is impossible for me now to see thumbs on latest movies if the have a name above the letter M as my collection is to large to await for it to get to the letter M

This problem was also in frodo and was fixed in frodo 12.3.

I have the problem in all gotham versions including 13.2-beta1

Any help in this is greatly appreciated
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