Problem with XBMC and Ember

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I've looked everywhere and tried everything and still can't figure out how to fix this issue I'm having.

Basically I'll use ember to scrape and everything works fine. However, when I open up xbmc and add files, none of the artwork I have saved, via Ember, shows up. Only the poster and fan art but nothing else. I'm using Gotham and on another PC frodo. Also I have used "use only local art" setting after adding source in xbmc and also went to programs, artwork downloader, and selected "use local files" or whatever it's called.

When I just give up and use artwork downloader, it overwrites my existing artwork. Any help or suggestions? I've been at this for a while and it's really fustrating.

Also....I have an actors folder, created via Ember, with all the thumbs of actors, yet xbmc won't recognize them at all. It just shows blank pictures with the actors name.
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XBMC supports only posters and fanarts for movies and only poster, fanarts and banners for tv shows. For all other you need Artwork Downloader.
But Artwork Downloader don't use the same filenames for movie posters and fanarts like XBMC.

XBMC use:
<filename>-banner.jpg (Ember filename, not officially supportet)

Artwork Downloader use:

Martijn, the creator of Artwork Downloader, work on a new version of his plugin also support the official XBMC filenames, but it's not released yet.

You can use this workaround to prevent duplicate downloading of image files:
- disable movie poster in Artwork Downloader and let XBMC handle this
- disable movie fanarts in Artwork Downloader and also let XBMC handle this
- add banner.jpg to "File Naming -> Expert -> Single -> Banner" field in Ember (know Ember will save banners as <filename>-banner.jpg and banner.jpg)

Actor thumbs:
This should working without any problem.

Latest Ember-MM version - [Release] Ember Media Manager 1.3.x
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