[Ubuntu 14.04 + radeon + dual head] Video is shifted to the right

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I searched throughout Google and this forum, but was unable to find a solution for (or event a mention of) my problem.

I'm using a freshly installed Ubuntu 14.04 here.
My video card is an integrated Radeon HD 3300:

$ lspci
01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RS780D [Radeon HD 3300]

My video card driver is the Ubuntu's stock radeon driver (xserver-xorg-video-radeon 1:7.3.0-1ubuntu3.1)

I have two displays connected to the card:
  1. (VGA D-Sub) Samsung T260HD LCD monitor (1920x1280)
  2. (HDMI) LG AN110B Projector via a Pioneer VSX-918V receiver (960x720)

My xbmc is the latest version (13.1 Gotham) from XBMC for Linux team ppa.
(Although the problem initially existed with the original Ubuntu's xbmc version 12.3).

The problem is that whenever I run xbmc in fullscreen mode on my primary monitor,
the picture is shifted exactly one half the screen to the right.
This happens always, no matter if the projector and/or the Pioneer receiver (HDMI switch) are on or off.
In windowed mode, the xbmc picture is correctly positioned within the window.

Here is the screenshot of xbmc in fullscreen mode:
[Image: 2014-07-24%2002.40.22.jpg?dl=1]

Any suggestions on how to solve this?
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try a the fernetmenta version from http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=174854 or a nightly build for dual head support.
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