Media Scraper Tool, Just some questions

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robbryjo Offline
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i just wanted to ask some simple questions and cant find the subforum for questions so i put it here Big Grin

1. What is the most current (best) media scaper for windows?
I want to scrape movies, series and animes with it.

2. Are there any good renaming tools for windows, also scraping media info ?

3. Are there tools renaming and getting media info directly after downloading media (JDownloader or Load!)?

XBMC needs good naming conventions for archieving my media so i want to prepare my media before scraping it with xbmc.

Thx for everything !
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myron Offline
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There are a couple of good ones i guess.
Like Ember Media Manager, MediaElch, Media Companion, tinyMediaManager and for sure a few others in this subforum.
They all should fulfil your needs...

I just can speak for tinyMediaManager:
tMM can be started via commandline (beside the GUI) to update any folder you want (eg via cronjob - but it does not watch a folder for complete downloads automatically)
But renaming & cleanup your files and get them correctly named for XBMC should be no problem Smile
And we have the AniDB as scraper Cool

tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
Wanna help translate TMM ?
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robbryjo Offline
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Im very interest in this anidb scraper. Ive already installed the mod but i really see no difference in scraping compared the the standard anidb scraper?. When i have an anime f.e Bleach and its in a folder named Anime and the files are named 001 or 01 or e01 it doesnt scrape properly. i have to name it 1x01 or ep01.. So whats really good at this mod?^^
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