Request: Addon to select and play fotos by star rating

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I am looking for an addon that allows me to start a foto-show consisting of pictures residing in a folder and its sub-folders that match a certain star rating (e.g. 3 stars or better). The reason is that I usually take a lot of pictures during my trips. And they are way to many for presenting all of them to my audience. So I rate them using some picture tool.

I played around with MyPictures.db-Addon but it is very slow especially when using mysql database (I have four XBMC-PCs at home). Also I would not actually need a database for all of my pictures. I am quiet fine by browsing through the folders. Only the option mentioned above is what I am missing (and maybe sometimes a nice addon to place the pictures on kind of a world-map since they are all geo-tagged)..


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