Android - Buffering problem when +4Mb/sec

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Hi there, the plugin is working great on my rooted Amazon fireTV, thanks for that, great work ! I'm using Gotham 13.2. I've try with Frodo, Gotham 13 and 13.1 and SMPC.

I'm using Hauppauge Colossus to record from a STB and my video bitrate is set to Variable from 1 to 14 Mb/sec.
On the FireTV i'm wired and I use Tsreader 'cause FFmpeg has video glitch but runs ok.

Here's my problem, XBMC will start to 'eat' buffer if the Mb/sec exceed 4Mb/sec. It's a problem ONLY on the TV side. Even if I watch from a recorded program, same thing. But if I watch recorded program from SMB sharing folder, everything is great, I got 100% in the buffer 'till the end.

I'm able to test any plugin build 'cause my FireTV is rooted,

Here's my advancedsettings.xml

      <!--  -1 is default, 0 is never used this codec, 1 is always use this codec, bypassing blacklist -->

Thanks a lot margro for this great plugin.
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