Airplay crashing

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Running exactly the config as in the vdpau howto.
Using iOS 7 I can start Airplay but after a few seconds up to a minute I airplay crashes and the music stops. I hear a XBMC error sound. Sometimes I can try and disable airplay and enable again on the phone but most of the time Kodi airplay doesn't work anymore till I restart.

Are there any tips what I can do to make the airplay server stable?

Cheers, End
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first tip: Debug Log
next tip: don't buy any proprietary apple crap next time. It will stop working completely with version 8 of their dongled OS anyways.
third tip: see second tipp

Audio Engine: SPDIF has only 2 pcm channels. DTS, AC3 are encoded via those 2 channels. It's obviously clear that you are not able to change Speaker Layout when running via SPDIF.
Settings missing? Read the FAQ:
No help without a proper Debug Log
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