Hiding or Removing USB Drives from XBMC

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Heart  Hiding or Removing USB Drives from XBMC
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Hello all. First great big thanks to XBMC/Kodi crew for a fantastic entertainment platform. Discovered it not too long ago and in a short period I have swapped out all my media players for systems sporting XBMC. I am in awe of what you accomplished. And a similar kudos out to all of you that have added to the project from plugins to bug fixes.

Now to my request for HELP which probably has a embarrassingly obvious solution that I am completely missing:

Question: Is there a way to change the setup so that USB drives attached to the XBMC machine do not show in places like Files under the Video tab in the default theme.

I have looked for answers myself (Ubuntu and XBMC both) but just cannot seem to find something that addresses it enough that I can figure it out. Im sure I am not the first to have this issue but maybe I am messing up the search terms or failing to search properly. I am learning my way around Ubuntu still so its likely I just dont know the right way to ask.

Specifics: I use the XBMC machine to make the files on several USB external drives available to the network. I altered Samba so that these files show under the appropriate Categories in video (Tv Shows, Movies, etc). That all went as planned. However when I look under the Files tab it shows the shared folders as well as the entire USB drive. Example if the external USB drive was named Tinkerbell, then Tinkerbell would show in this list. It also shows all the files/folders on the drive if you click it (yes that means ones I did not share specifically).

Key details:

XBMC Version: 13.2
USB Dives: 4x2TB or larger.

I connect to the XBMC machine usually via Putty and sometimes Krosh. If this is addressed somewhere else and I missed it, my apologies and could you point me at it? I just need something to get me in the ball park and I can beat it into submission if I have to
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Welcome to forums.

Try this, select the source, click © or bring up context menu, and select remove source.
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Nope. Connected USB drives always show up under Videos -> Files.

You can make easy links to the XBMC wiki using double brackets around common XBMC words: [[debug log]] = debug log, [[Video library]] = Video library, [[SMB]] = SMB , [[userdata]] = userdata, etc
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