how much power does xbmc use?

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Ok so, i use xbmc for movies , shows, and also games, i like having that games tab where i put all my games. now some of the games are super hi def and could use all my computers power, so my question is, would there be any fps differences between launching it from xbmc versus launching it from desktop without having xbmc on?
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Tell us. You are the gamer.

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Audio Engine: SPDIF has only 2 pcm channels. DTS, AC3 are encoded via those 2 channels. It's obviously clear that you are not able to change Speaker Layout when running via SPDIF.
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Probably, a-lot depends on your hardware, the game, and system environment settings. Right now I'm watching xbmc, trancoding a video file, burning another, and only using 15% of my cpu and 30% of my available memory
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A lot of games have benchmarking tools. Run them with and without XBMC running.

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