Getting info for non movie or tv items??

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sadsack007 Offline
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Hi chaps...

I have been recently getting some other non-tv shows or movies recently, mostly 720p items from utube, I just wondered how i could go about getting ember to edit these for me, ....
I understand it would require some input from myself.... but I don't really know where to start.
There seems no point in adding them to tv-shows as they wouldn't belong there. I just need to be able to add my own fanart, and some text to explain the details of the items.

I managed to save a poster under frame extraction.... but only if i add the item to tv-show or movie.

it's a pity there wasn't a heading for simply "Video".

The poster works fine, i can also place some items under plot, but I cannot seem to get anything to show up when I go over the folder that contains the video within xbmc, only the poster shows up once i open the folder in question. It would save a lot of time if I could just click past each folder so I could see a backdrop of what was inside the folder instead of having to open every one.

I only hope this makes some sense chaps.... explaining what I'm trying to achieve isn't exactly my forte.... lol

anyway any help, suggestions, would be much appreciated..

thanks all
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DanCooper Online
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Do you want add files like a movie or multiple files like a tv show?

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sadsack007 Offline
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Hi Dan,

I can do TV Shows & Movies without any problems..... but I just wondered how I could go about doing something like (A Selection of guitar lessons)..... this is not a "tv show" or "Movie" but something that has come from youtube in 720p.

I also have some videos on "car repairs" but many of these are from different people, and having to go through every folder to see what is in each one will be a real bind, I'm just looking for a way that will show me what is in each folder without actually opening the folder. If you see what I mean...

Thanks for replying Dan.....

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Dingin Offline
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Just add the folder and instead of going to tv shows or movies go to video, the files , there will be the folder with all its video content
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