UPNP and cleanup of server HDD

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I have an XBMC box, which I have on top of Mythbuntu, on an 80GB HDD. I also have an IOmega home media network drive, which, has had its firmware go south. So, I have taken the 1TB HDD out of the server and installed it into the XBMC box. Now, here's the issue...

I mounted the 1TB HDD from the server, and XBMC recognizes the drive and can scan the videos and get metadata. However, my raspberry pi wont see these files even though I have UPNP activated on the XBMC box, for that matter, when trying to add the HDD under UPNP, the drive doesent even show up. The only folders showing up are the Music, Pictures and Video folders on the 80GB HDD.

How do I get the 1TB HDD drive to show up to allow for UPNP streaming?
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