Use a linux exported XBMC collection on a Windows XBMC

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I have my typical Backup. Go to settings->video->collection->export my collection to a file.

OK, I've do this on linux, with the intention to load on a Windows XBMC on the computer of a friend.

Then, I can load the content, and I can see the films on my list, but, I can't open the full view of each film, where all data about the film is shown.

Then, anyone have an Idea why this is happenind?

Thank you a lot!!!!
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I´m wondering that you can load the nfo generally. I supposed the nfo is only loaded if a matching movie file exists.

If it doesn´t load the nfo, so that you have your library on a pc of a friend, then, this is the solution. AFAIK XBMC/Kodi can´t load a nfo file without a matching movie file (MKV, ISO, AVI...etc).

Why do you want that...for sharing movies and to compare which ones you own and which ones he does? There are easier ways to do that...depending on your folder structure.
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A single file export/import would work even if there were no matching video files.

If everything imported correctly, but doesn't show the info screen, then make sure there is a video source added to XBMC/Kodi under Videos -> Files for where those videos are. Then make sure the correct source type is selected, such as movies, TV shows, or music videos. XBMC/Kodi has this weird thing where it won't show the info screen if there is no content-type set on the source. I think in the past the imported NFO file would take care of this, but I recall a change to how NFO files are handled that might be preventing them from setting the content type.

You can make easy links to the XBMC wiki using double brackets around common XBMC words: [[debug log]] = debug log, [[Video library]] = Video library, [[SMB]] = SMB , [[userdata]] = userdata, etc
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