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I'm trying to add a Smart Playlist to XBMC's main menu in Aeon MQ5 that when I hit Enter, it plays the Smart Playlist. Currently, it delves into the playlist and asks me which item I want to play. I'd like it to just automatically play when I hit enter on the Main menu for this item.

Is this possible?

Also, I wanted it so that when a playlist is playing in XBMC it will continue playing.

However, I don't want this to mean that when I'm watching a movie/TV Show it will autoplkay the next episode. I see this option in XBMC but an unable to figure out a way to differentiate.

My goal is to create a "Kids" area where they simply can click on it and it will start playing videos without them choosing which to watch (Get a good mix of shows which is what the mom wants rather than the same show each time which is what normally happens currently).

If this is possible PLEASE let me know and if not I think this would be a nice feature for Aeon MQ6 maybe?

I know this may remind people of PsuedoTV but that's not my goal (Work on that later!) but I need a simple option for the children currently. Psuedo TV will come in due time for me, I hope Aeon MQ will have support for it.
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As far as the first one, I have no idea. For the kids section, you can make your smart playlist with whatever rules you need to gather kids movies/shows. Set the sort mode to random and (I assume) it'll sort it randomly everytime you go to play the list. Obviously in order to get it to play automatically that would require work on your first question. Sad
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