[RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)

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Hi Chaps,

I had an auto update for hitchers repo come through last night on my ipad, and I thought great (iplayer perfect).... so I decided to also pop it on to the laptop as well, .... slight problem, I cannot find hitchers repo..... so I thought I'll uninstall from ipad (stupidly) and then see how I managed to do it last night at 2.30am.... well you've probably guessed I can't find it again...

Both ipad and laptop are running 12.2... Really not too sure how I managed to get the update for the repo in the first place, although ipad hasn't been on for a few weeks, but that still doesn't explain why I cannot seem to be able to install it the very next day.

has it been pulled...

Hitchers repo was v 5.0.0 (if my memory serves me)..

any help or guidance would be very much appreciated, and I promise not to uninstall it again.... lol

thanks chaps,
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