[RELEASE] Justin.tv (Video) Plugin

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phinc Offline
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Post: #1081
Good luck Evan!
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Evan3585 Offline
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Post: #1082
Is Jtv working correctly now? Ill have to do more testing.
I didnt do any editing to the Default.py script.

Ive tried sniffing streams from jtv but the token IDs change constantly so impossible getting them that way. Maybe someone that knows python more than the almost nothing I know can figure it out.
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Korun Offline
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Post: #1083
Im not sure if its working. I noticed the crime channel went away and then i went to their website and it was gone there as well. Will not know unless it comes back i guess.
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dkplayaclub Offline
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I have only one issue with the addon. When I try to remove an item from my favorites I get a script failure. Can we get a fix for this please?
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