Windows - HOW-TO share folders over SMB using Windows 7

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koopa Offline
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Can someone help me out?

I do these instructions but when I press share this folder and add everyone it just says this folder cannot be shared.

Did I mess something up?
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Woodbear Offline
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I solved my problem with being asked for password when accessing a shared folder in XBMC over SMB (sharing in Windows 7). I did not have the Windows Live Sign In Assistant or Windows Live Essentials, but was still asked for password.

Create a new standard user account with a password on your Windows PC, use this user name and password when prompted for log in info in XBMC. Remember to add this new user in Share Permission when you share your folder(s)

Step-by-step guide:
Step 1 - Open "Control Panel" -> "User Accounts" -> "Manage another account" -> "Create a new account"
Step 2 - Create a "Standard user" -> Write a user name e.g. "xbox"
Step 3 - Click on your new user in the "Manage Accounts" window (should be open after you created the account). Click "Create a password", and write your password, e.g. "xbox"
Step 4 - Right click on a windows folder -> "Share with" -> "Advanced sharing..." -> "Advanced sharing..."
Step 5 - Select "Share this folder". Click "Permissions" -> "Add...". Enter user name, e.g. "xbox". Click "Check names". Click "OK"/"Close" until all windows are closed
Step 6 - Try to access your folder through XBMX on your Apple TV (google for guide), when asked for user name and password, write exactly what you wrote in the previous steps, e.g. "xbox" for both user name and password.

I've only tested this on my own system. You might of course see different options depending on your specific set up of setting for sharing.
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Flo711 Offline
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Does this guide exist for Windows 8 SMB?
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Fujosej Offline
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Hey guys can i access my smb server from the internet ? Or only lan will work? Please help me
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whitebelly Offline
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(2014-06-05 13:34)Fujosej Wrote:  Hey guys can i access my smb server from the internet ? Or only lan will work? Please help me

Only LAN. To access over internet, you would need a server (either home brew or something like PLEX), or your would need to set up a VPN. Searching the threads can probably get you info on either. In most cases, and XBMC connection to a remote home server yields unsatisfactory results due to data bandwidth limits and latency.
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