[RELEASE] Rom Collection Browser - Browse and launch emulator game ROMs

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(Yesterday 12:09)BirdWorldOrder Wrote:  When I try to do something in the context menu (i.e. Edit rom collection, import, rescrape, clean database) about 80% of the time it freezes my system and I have to hard reset the pc.
I just restarted the pc nearly 10 times just so I could import a handful of gba roms.
This is on Ubuntu 13.04, running Xbmc frodo.

Please tell me this is a known problem, and that there is a way to fix it : )

Also, aside from the above issue and some scraping problems, this is great. For months I couldn't get advanced launcher to do anything with my emulators, but RCB launched every game first time. Thanks for that.
Sorry, not really a known issue. Can you show me a log file after this happened? Maybe I can see any relevant errors.
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