[RELEASE] Pandora Radio (Script) Music Addon (Updated 2011-11-13 : V1.2.8)

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stofie_1020 Offline
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reverted the ATV2 to XBMC 12.3 and it works fine. Weird...

(2014-07-01 04:47)stofie_1020 Wrote:  So, uninstalled and re-installed the pandora add-on through the XBMC interface and still having the "one and done" issue.

Only plays one song, then just stops. If I change to a new station, it plays one song in that station.

Running Gotham.

Would LOVE some help to make it work... Seems to be a problem for a few of us. Worked great pre-Gotham.
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Kuki77 Offline
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I have one issue and several suggestions. Where should I write it? Here in this thread or in the Github project space?

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mrdally204 Offline
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Well, Rivy (the latest coder) has not been online since January so this feels a bit abandoned again. Might as well post it here and his Github, maybe someone will run with it.
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xgutterratx Offline
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Hi Im trying to get feedback from the pandora app to show on my home automation controller. Does any on know what you need to send to query for the feedback. Using what i use for movies and tvshows doesnt work.{%22...20%2212%22}
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johnalanmichael Offline
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I don't know if anyone is aware but k3oni's repo has a pandora zip that works fantastic, v. 1.2.12 just throwing that out there
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