[LIVE] HOW-TO Install XBMC on Lucid Mini with PCM Multichannel and Nvidia 256.25

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thethirdnut Wrote:I have both Lucid [10.04] + Maverick [10.10] installs working successfully.

Thanks - would that be with 265.25? Wonder if it works with 270.x betas?

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Quote:Thanks - would that be with 265.25? Wonder if it works with 270.x betas?

It likely is running 265... on the XBMC1 setup; older on the XBMC2 unit.

I just grab the latest Linux, 64-bit binaries off the Nvidia site whenever upgrading other bits on the machines. Have never had a big issue doing it that way, but don't touch them unless problem presents itself.

If I helped out pls give me a +

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